Jun 01

City Walk Elevates Culinary Offering with Nine New Eateries

Nine new eateries have opened at City Walk, adding exciting flavour profiles and cuisines to its vibrant culinary scene. These gastronomic gems are set to bring new and innovative menus, bold and zesty plates, and relaxing and communal ambiances to satisfy every food lover.


Here’s more information on the new hot spots:



Mint is the ultimate culinary destination that will take patrons on a flavour-packed journey. From scrumptious breakfast delights and expertly roasted coffee to nutritious food options for every palate, diners will be taken on an adventure with each dish.Don't miss out on their signature coffee specials, handcrafted lemonades, mocktails, teas, kombuchas, and smoothies.

City Walk, The Courtyard. 

For reservations, call 04 255 4247


Massimo's Italian Restaurant


Indulge in the authentic flavours of Italy at Massimo's Italian Restaurant. From delicious pastas to wood-fired pizzas and delectable desserts, this culinary gem captures the essence of Italian cuisine with every bite.

City Walk, The Courtyard. 

For reservations, call 04 283 6577




Be transported to the vibrant streets of Asia with TANG. Guests can enjoy bubble tea and a range of delectable desserts, all crafted with a commitment to quality and using healthy ingredients.

City Walk Boulevard, Building 8.

For reservations, call  04 329 1887


Nola Bijou Bistro & Bar


Immerse yourself in the soulful ambiance of New Orleans at Nola Bijou Bistro & Bar. With its enticing blend of Cajun and Creole cuisine, live jazz music, and handcrafted cocktails, this lively venue brings the spirit of the Big Easy to City Walk.

City Walk, The Square. 

For reservations, call 04 334 4098



Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort food at BonBird. This cozy eatery specializes in mouthwatering hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and preservative-free fried chicken in five different flavours. All options are paired with an array of delectable sides and sauces and served with a smile.

City Walk Boulevard, Building 9.

For reservations, call 04 228 2656

Obeli Café


Obeli, an exhilarating new addition to City Walk, offers all-day dining, poised to be your sanctuary from the fast-paced routine of daily life, where you can indulge in a culinary journey that will awaken your senses.

City Walk Boulevard, Building 21A. 

For reservations, call 04 887 5561


Arabeska Restaurant

Taste the rich culinary traditions of the Middle East at Arabeska Restaurant at City Walk. This elegant eatery showcases the finest flavours of the region with a menu that includes fragrant kebabs, mezzes, and exquisite desserts. Arabeska offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere where you can meet friends, enjoy a cup of coffee, and soak in the beautiful views of City Walk Fountain shows.

City Walk Fountain Area.

For reservations, call 04 442 1787

Pepe's Piri Piri


Brace yourself for a burst of fiery flavours at Pepe's Piri Piri. Known for its unique flame-grilled chicken marinated in Peri-Peri sauce, this eatery promises a tantalizing culinary experience. Flavours include “Mango & Lime, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot, Extra Hot and Extreme."

City Walk Boulevard, Building 10. 

For reservations, call  04 835 7239



Nightjar is a Dubai flagship for artisanal coffee roasting, brewing 0% craft beverages on tap, and all-round good times. The usual offering of killer coffee blends, origins and cold brew nitro infusions are all there, but they have switched it up to next level dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked over charcoal.

City Walk, The Courtyard.

For reservations, call  04 341 2440

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